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Being the trusted wholesale supplier of fresh produce to hotels, leading trading supermarket chains, catering companies, we value our longstanding and excellent relations with most hospitality and retail sector partners in the UAE. With a large network of suppliers from around the world, Al Farusia has ensured that the varied needs of each customer are consistently met.


We Operate from UAE and India and export all Middle East countries and other other part of the world . We Import , Export , supply in Domestic market in UAE and India.


Fruits and Vegetable trading Meat trading, Fish Trading , Foodstuff Trading, General Trading , Household Trading , Garment Trading ,Footwear Trading Farming, Repacking Unit, Export , Import ,Manufacturing , Branding , Service sector , Logistics , Transport ,Job and Business Consultancy, Travel and Tourism ,Real Estate , Restaurants ,Retail Outlets. Etc

Igniting Innovation, Elevating Experiences

Al Farusia Group - Where Vision Meets Action Unleashing potential across continents, Al Farusia Group pioneers in Foodstuff Trading, Event Management, Transportation, and Technology. We're not just a conglomerate; we're a force of innovation and integrity. Embark on a journey with us. Explore the extraordinary.


We believe in connecting with our teammates, our customers, and our consumers to create meaningful relationships through trust and transparency. And also To be the leading force in the industry, setting new benchmarks for freshness, exceptional service, and customer satisfaction in the global fresh produce market.


Deliver top-quality of production to customers satisfaction, providing comprehensive services, and exceed customer expectations in the UAE market and other countries.


Here at Al Farusia, we use modern post-harvest infrastructure that reduces supply chain loss to nearly zero!


It is a known fact that the entire fruits and vegetable industry suffers from extensive, indiscriminate and unhealthy use of chemicals – many times extremely harmful to its consumers. AL Farusia stands for food safety. All our products meet most stringent international norms and every single fruit is fully traceable!


You don’t need to open a box to know what’s inside it. However, consistency is not restricted just to quality it looks, taste and health, but also extends to timeliness of delivery, service and programs.


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Al Farusia Event Management indiaAl Farusia Event Management

At Al Farusia Event Management, we build communities by connecting people. We believe each event is distinctive with a different objective and goal.

Al Farusia TransportationAl Farusia Transportation India

Founded in 2010 Al Farusia transportation is one of the most recognized and admired brands in the Middle east. Al Farusia transportation operates in 5 States using 26 well conditioned vehicles, completing a total of 100's of deliveries per day.

Fresh and Save Department Store

With more distinct and planned spaces for retail stores and brands, streamlined supply chain and logistics management , Al Farusia group has a strong foothold in the the retail industry in UAE.


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P. O. Box : 294164, Office No:24
17th Street, Al Shihhi General Trading Complex,
Umm Ramool, Rashidiya, Dubai.


+971-55 348 15 42

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